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Ethics for teaching the Alba Method/Alba Emoting

Adherence to the following standards is required to maintain AMA membership and teaching certification. The ethical instructor:

  1. Teaches in accordance with their certification level,  

  2. Informs students and prospective students about the instructor’s certification level in the context of the AMA certification system, 

  3. Shares this ethics code with students,

  4. Clearly distinguishes the Alba Method / Alba Emoting from other psychological or physical methods or techniques,

  5. Does not publish any materials that suggest, insinuate, or imply that a novice should try to intentionally execute the respiratory-postural-facial patterns of any of the six basic emotions outside the presence of a certified instructor.

  6. Communicates realistic expectations to prospective students regarding what they can learn from a given training event,

  7. Is keenly attentive to all learners while teaching the patterns,

  8. Guides the in-class work moment to moment according to the demonstrated needs of the learner,

  9. Follows standard teaching practices of respect for personal space and consent-of-touch when teaching,

  10. Places the emotional and physical well-being of the learner above other considerations.

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