Lavinia Plonka came late to the party, having only discovered Alba in 2002 in the midst of her second career. For 25 years, Lavinia pursued her passion in emotional expression as a mime. Her career spanned from being the first female street mime in NYC (1975) to international tours, years as the only movement artist in residence for the Guggenheim Museum, an Emmy nomination and hundreds of bar mitzvahs :-) Her passion for movement has included years of Aikido, yoga, and Bharatanatyam in addition to her work with Grotowski and Tomaszewski in Poland. Lavinia has taught the Feldenkrais Method for the last 25 years internationally, as well as directing two Movement Centers, first in NJ and now in Asheville, NC, where she maintains a full practice. She is the former VP of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, and continues to work as their Communications Manager. Lavinia is the author of several books and audio programs. Her two best sellers, published by Tarcher/Penguin are both about body language and have been translated into several languages. Lavinia is a CL4 teacher.