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Adam Kissinger is a Pennsylvania Deitsch theatre artist, dancer, musician and technician, a member of AMA and a CL4 Alba instructor. His career began as a child actor and competitive dancer, his high school years centered heavily around performing and recording music with local punk bands, and after high school he earned a BA Theatre degree at Kutztown University where, luckily, Roxane Rix was assigned his adviser. Adam studied Alba with Roxane and was among the first class of students whose initial experience with Alba was over the course of a semester as opposed to an intensive workshop. After graduating, he pursued as many Alba workshops and instructors as he could find, experiencing the differences in style of pedagogy and witnessing the benefits of Alba blending with many other techniques. As he progressed and assisted other instructors, Roxane at Kutztown, Odette in Montreal, Laura and Lavinia in North Carolina, he absorbed their variations in teaching style and allowed them to further inform his understanding and his own approach to Alba. Since earning his CL4 at the 2011 training with Susana in Chile, he has held trainings at Kutztown University, Alvernia University, and Penn State Berks, intro workshops at many yoga and holistic centers, and has worked individually with students at two private studios. He is currently working with students at Alba Lancaster, his newly opened studio in Lancaster, PA. 



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