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How Do I Learn Alba Emoting?


Alba Emoting is learned experientially: the individual practices reproducing each established pattern until accuracy evokes the pure emotion. This is not as easy as it may sound. Though present in the body since infancy, these simple but precise patterns can take some time to master. Finding the subtleties of muscle movements, some of which are normally activated only involuntarily, requires constant focus and adjustment. Physical and emotional habits built up over years ingrain muscle tensions which can be challenging to penetrate. Early in the learning process, sudden strong emotional reactions are not uncommon, and may be anomalous to the pattern being attempted. Whether in a class or individual instruction, as an acting technique or therapeutic tool, the critical factor in learning Alba Method patterns safely and correctly is the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. A qualified instructor is ready and able to guide the participant through any experiences that emerge in the process.

The Alba Method Association discourages any person new to the Alba Method from attempting to intentionally perform any of the 6 emotional respiratory-postural-facial patterns without the physical presence of a certified instructor. It is likely to lead to an incorrect execution and understanding of the patterns or it may sometimes lead to uncontrolled emotional reactions (See "Ethics").

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