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Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Alba Emoting and the Alba Method the same thing? 





Will I have to dig into my psychological past or reveal personal issues during the course?


No. Alba Emoting is an entirely physical method of accessing and controlling genuine emotion. A teacher certified in the Alba Method will not ask you to recall or share any information about your emotional history or personal life circumstances. 



Will the Alba Method interfere with the other methods I use in my work?


No. Alba Emoting only enhances the work that you already do, regardless of your field or discipline. 


How long is a course? 


Classes vary in length and can be delivered in a variety of formats, ranging from two-hour introductory class sessions to full 30-hour intensives. Many students choose to take multiple mixed-level intensives to deepen and refine their training. 



At the end of a course, what will I be able to do? 


Learning rates vary depending on emotional readiness and previously developed physical awareness and control. Students generally require a minimum of 30 hours of training with a qualified teacher  in order to develop sufficient understanding and technical command for effective independent use of all 6 patterns and step out.



How much does it cost?


Cost for instruction in is determined by individual teachers. Tuition will vary depending on location, instructional expenses, and class size. 



How can I bring a class in Alba Emoting to my area?


Many certified trainers of the Alba Method are available to serve as a guest instructor for sponsoring organizations or groups. If you are interested in arranging a course near you, contact any certified trainer.

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