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We are so grateful for your interest in becoming an AMA member!  

Here are the steps to join AMA:


Train with an AMA certified teacher and receive a teaching apprentice certification or above. For those who trained in Alba Emoting with an Alba Emoting certified instructor, their certification is often transferable, especially if they were trained before the creation of the new certification system by AMA.

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Ideally, have your teacher email the current Secretary(ies) and Treasurer (s) of the Board of Directors (hyperlink) with your name and contact info and share your certification level with us. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with this information and we can reach out to your teacher to confirm.

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Read all information on the AMA website, especially the Ethics Statement, Certifications and The Association’s purpose pages. (Hyperlink to those 3.) Membership in AMA requires adherence to these rules and goals, as well as only teaching within the bounds of your certification level.

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Once certification level is confirmed and you feel ready to commit to AMA as an organization, pay your membership fee through one of the following methods.  If paying this fee is a financial hardship at this time, you can contact the Treasurer of the Board of Directors and request a hardship waiver or payment plan. Note that your certification level is not official until you have joined AMA.

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