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Trina Fischer, Master Teacher, Looking for Lilith Theatre Company (LFL) member, received a B.S. in Performance Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies from Northwestern University. With LFL, which she co-founded in 2001 in NYC, she has helped create, produce, tour and/or performed in almost all of its original works. She is a proud member of Alternate ROOTS, creating community at the intersection of arts and activism. She is a teaching artist and drama instructor, specializing in working with pre-K – 3rd grade, including working with the Creative Arts Team in New York City for 7 years, LFL since 2006, and Sacred Heart School for the Arts 2010-2019.  As an actor, teaching artist, playwright and producer she is especially focused on exploring social justice issues and lifting up unheard voices.  Following her first Alba Emoting training in 1994, she spent a year in Santiago, Chile studying Acting Pedagogy on a Fulbright grant, including Alba Emoting. Her account of assisting Susana Bloch in one of her Trainings is included in Surfeando la Ola Emocional. She has participated in multiple Alba Emoting trainings in the more than 2 decades since then, first as an actor, reaching the highest possible level of Actor Certification available, and then moving on to be trained as an Alba Method Teacher. She served as a Teaching Apprentice under Susana Bloch, Christine Scott, Roxane Rix, Nancy Loitz and Rocco dal Vera, has co-led Alba Method trainings with Juan Pablo Kalawski, and has trained actors in the U.S.


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